Petrichor Goods Pop Up with Wine Tasting by Sound & Fog.

It's a Pop-up shop kinda summer here at Virago! 
Join us May 27th 6-9 and see the earthy wares of Petrichor Goods paired with a Rosé wine tasting by West Seattle's Sound & Fog. RSVP here..

About Jeri Warlick of Petrichor Goods:
This Texas native grew up making mud pies and climbing trees far away from the design world. Yet, helping her grandmother sew and her father build their home, a love of design and architecture would inevitably develop. Warlick has a background in interior architecture, and, as with her architectural work, her love of simplicity and handcrafted elements infuses her jewelry and home designs. Petrichor is a collaboration with @smalbatchpottery of fine earth-crafted-goods and jewelry. 

Sound & Fog
Sound & Fog is a specialty coffee bar in West Seattle that features great coffees and several beers on tap as well as extensive wine offerings. They are a neighborhood destination that provides amazing coffee and an approachable evening menu of beer and wine. They feature Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, a rotating local roaster, and a monthly “while supplies last” Nordic coffee pour-over option provided by Kaffe Box. Beer and wine selections rotate seasonally.

Jeri Warlick Petrichor Goods Pop up
Sound & Fog will be presenting a lovely Rosé at $5 per tasting with bottles to take home! 

Sound & Fog will be presenting a lovely Rosé at $5 per tasting with bottles to take home! 

Feminist Fiber Art Show - A Traveling Exhibit

We are pleased to present Feminist Fiber Art, a traveling exhibit,  curated by Iris Nector, Tracy Cilona and Erika Paget. 

Featuring: Julia Fioravanti (Seattle), Zoe Brookes (Seattle), Lada Neoberdina (France), Laura Castellanos (Seattle), Kook Teflon (Seattle), Christaleni Alifieraki (Greece), Aslı Alkan (Turkey), Hannah Claire Somerville (Oakland), Tal Fitzpatrick (Australia), Nicole Monjeau (London), Michelle Gauthier (Toronto),  Miss Yvonne (L.A.),  Kjersti Faret (Brooklyn), Jasmine Colahan (Brooklyn), Bren Ahearn (San Francisco), Katrina Majkut (Brooklyn), Lauren Leone (Boston), Camela Guevarra (Charleston), Angela McQuillan (Philadelphia), Tatiana Castillo (Colombia), Mareva Nardelli (Iceland), Justyna Wolodkiewicz (Poland) and more TBA!!!!

Flyer by @aburrideitor

Flyer by @aburrideitor

Feminist Fiber Art is a traveling art exhibit conceived by Iris Nectar in the summer of 2015 to "illustrate how feminists have been using the medium to subvert its history as "women's work" in colorful, fun, and sexually liberated ways." Nectar, an independent artist and curator was frustrated with the eternity of underrepresented women artists and activated by the rallying cry of Guerrilla Girls who underscore the meager representation of women artist's work featured in museums (3%) vs. how many women nudes are featured (83%). Equally important was the focus of Fiber Art. "We want to prove that fiber art, and all crafts are no lesser than “fine art” and that everything handmade has meaning. We want to encourage fine craftsmanship. "

"In response to this misogyny, we want to share our ideals of equality and inclusivity through the arts. We want our exhibit to be fun, to be sexy, to be inspiring. We want our exhibit to be accessible to the general public, which we hope to accomplish through a sense of humor and compassion, in order to encourage feminism for all. " Iris Nectar

Virago Gallery is thrilled to partner with Feminist Fiber Art and LA based artists and curator Erika Paget. We'll be posting participating artists as we get confirmations and look for some of the work to be featured in our on line shop!

We hope to see more collaborations in our future. Traveling exhibits, sister galleries, guest curators in the future! 




Rock and Roll Women by Mariel Andrade

Mariel Andrade was born in Seattle to Brazilian & Chilean parents. 
Having spent much of her childhood in Brazil, she was enchanted by the lush & colorfully palettes of Brazils culture & land. She then began drawing & later taught herself to paint. 

Grace Jones

She is passionate about music and is inspired by romanticism, humor, people she admires and strangers in old photographs.
Fascinated by capturing the emotion and personality of each individual while imagining what their story could have been; are the key components to her work. 

Mariel is our featured boutique artist this month, showcasing her hand painted vintage jackets of iconic women in rock. A West Seattle artist, Mariel's portraits pay homage to some of music's most important Viragos and Innovators.  


Stevie Nicks

Virago On-Line Shop is LIVE!

Slow and steady. Is there any other way? Not for me apparently. Every small business owner will tell you that every idea, every inspiration, every execution takes time. A long time. If you don't have unlimited resources, most of the time you learn to do things yourself. You teach yourself how to make everything on your own, brick by brick. A website, an online shop is made of many bricks.

OY. Web developer/designers, you deserve every penny!

Thank the goddess for Squarespace. It took me 2 months, but we are here. I think it turned out ok and as some of you know, in a another life I was a photographer, so it's nice to be back behind the camera, it's nice to have focus and to control the outcome. It turns out I LIKE dick-ing around on the back end, writing descriptions, SEO, editing, all of it. Maybe there is a chip in my brain after here we are, my work in progress, slow and steady, a little bit more everyday kinda web store. As on line sales continue to grow, we hope this functions as well as our brick and mortar. There is no substitute for hanging out with us LIVE, believe me, but here is a little visual of our stunning selection of work, mostly by women, always handmade and a unique destination in Seattle. Look for our current exhibits, new arrivals, Virago staples and coming in the Fall of 2017, a Virago Signature Collection. I know right???!!!!!


With Love from The Tucson Gem Show 2017

Virago Gallery, FosterMerritt, Gritty Jewelry and Penny Thing took a trip the awesome, spectacular, fantastical, #allofit , Tucson Gem Show and all I got was this stupid pedicure...I was so overwhelmed most of the time, I forgot to take pictures of ALL the GEMS...but I got it together a few days later....if you get a chance to go next year I highly recommend it. A welcome interlude from the gray-snow-rain-cold of winter and MAGICAL beyond belief. We ran into so many friends, made new friends and met some folks who we only knew from the world of the internets. Oh, and the hot tubs...lots and lots of hot-tubbing.....We love you TUCSON!

The Desert Museum

The Desert Museum

Every Damn Day

Every Damn Day

BLKHEX Pop-Up at the Piranha Shop, curated by Virago Gallery.

BLKHEX launch party and POP-UP event Feb 4th!

BLKHEX creates wearable art for you fingers, wrist and neck. Finely crafted wonders of wood and crystal sculpture, these one of a kind pieces are truly unique. Join us for a fantastic community event from 6 to 10pm, showcasing the jewelry designs of BLKHEX, fashion by Stone Crow Designs, Verso Design and Jonquil & Mr. Black, artwork by Genna Draper, Kook Teflon and Stasia Burrington, floral design by Terraria.Seattle and San Francisco's Winterlaced, handmade organic fragrance by Filigree Parfum, on the spot poetry by lovely Afrose Ahmed and Tarot readings by Sylva, The Tarot Troubleshooter. Curated by Virago Gallery.