Rock and Roll Women by Mariel Andrade

Mariel Andrade was born in Seattle to Brazilian & Chilean parents. 
Having spent much of her childhood in Brazil, she was enchanted by the lush & colorfully palettes of Brazils culture & land. She then began drawing & later taught herself to paint. 

Grace Jones

She is passionate about music and is inspired by romanticism, humor, people she admires and strangers in old photographs.
Fascinated by capturing the emotion and personality of each individual while imagining what their story could have been; are the key components to her work. 

Mariel is our featured boutique artist this month, showcasing her hand painted vintage jackets of iconic women in rock. A West Seattle artist, Mariel's portraits pay homage to some of music's most important Viragos and Innovators.  


Stevie Nicks

Virago On-Line Shop is LIVE!

Slow and steady. Is there any other way? Not for me apparently. Every small business owner will tell you that every idea, every inspiration, every execution takes time. A long time. If you don't have unlimited resources, most of the time you learn to do things yourself. You teach yourself how to make everything on your own, brick by brick. A website, an online shop is made of many bricks.

OY. Web developer/designers, you deserve every penny!

Thank the goddess for Squarespace. It took me 2 months, but we are here. I think it turned out ok and as some of you know, in a another life I was a photographer, so it's nice to be back behind the camera, it's nice to have focus and to control the outcome. It turns out I LIKE dick-ing around on the back end, writing descriptions, SEO, editing, all of it. Maybe there is a chip in my brain after here we are, my work in progress, slow and steady, a little bit more everyday kinda web store. As on line sales continue to grow, we hope this functions as well as our brick and mortar. There is no substitute for hanging out with us LIVE, believe me, but here is a little visual of our stunning selection of work, mostly by women, always handmade and a unique destination in Seattle. Look for our current exhibits, new arrivals, Virago staples and coming in the Fall of 2017, a Virago Signature Collection. I know right???!!!!!