Barcelona's Sara DiVita


Sara Divita is an Italian jewelry designer born in Sicily and living in Ibiza, Spain. She sources her materials and takes her inspirations from the experience of traveling and living between diverse cultures. She has a solid foundation obtained with the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Milano as well as extensive experience in jewelry production.

Sara believes her creativity has its roots within the three islands at the center of her life: Bali, Ibiza and Sicily where her pieces find a common denominator of bare natural elements and bold expression: from the mineral look of rough pyrite, the watery feel of rock crystals to the heady scent of carved sandalwood range. Sparkling rocks and twisted roots from wild islands landascapes are tamed for your fingers only. Her latest range evokes subtle atmospheres of gothic glamour.

While creating new designs, Sara believes her pieces should not follow a seasonal trend but rather be the continuation of a personal project, in which one enhances and keeps developing existing themes.

We are beyond in love with her work. Check her out here...