Enriqueta Vintage Pop-Up!

Join us this Sunday in welcoming Enriqueta Vintage to the gallery!July 31st, 10am to 2pm!



A little bit about Enriqueta Vintage founder, Tracey Hilton:

"I've always been interested in fashion and style, pouring through issues of Vogue and Harper's from an early age. As I've gotten older, I still love style - it totally excites me to walk through a crowd and take in each person's unique style. As such, I'm completely style agnostic. One day I'm full on boho and the next day I'm embracing hip hop street style. I started going to estate sales and thrift stores as a way to feed my style habit on my limited budget about ten years ago. At this point I've accumulated so much that my closets are overflowing and as people are constantly stopping me and asking me, "where did you get that?" It suddenly seemed like the ideal time to pass on some of my finds. I believe that each piece I'll be showing at the pop up has the perfect person for it. It's just a matter of bringing the two together and helping them realize their uniqueness.

I decided to name the shop Enriqueta Vintage as an homage to my grandmother, who for me was the epitome of panache and my earliest style icon. She passed away two years ago this week and it feels absolutely right that I'd be embarking on adventure in honor of her right now."


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