Like a Wake // Lauren Seiffert

Each month, starting July 2016, Twilight Gallery will have one or two featured artists in the boutique. This allows us to feature small works, textile and fiber art, wearable art pieces and have a wider reach of handmade from around the country, adding dialogue to our solo and group exhibits in the art gallery. Our first featured guest is Portland's Lauren Seiffert.  


The cast­offs find me. The ones nobody wants or saw any value in. I rescue caster wheels like abandoned kittens. I take broken clothespins to my studio and bandage them. I give cotton swabs new bodies. Sometimes I bejewel beets so that they might feel fancy for the first time. I Dr. Frankenstein these abandoned objects, the refuse. It’s nice, like I care about them. But similar to Dr. Frankenstein I set these creations up for failure. They are mended, and pieced, taped and wrapped, and made whole in an unsustainable fashion. Using materials that begin to end the moment they are made. Then I put them on display, for others to watch them fall apart. Like a wake. Like when I go for a run, so that I can eat an entire pizza—this work is an absurd, and darkly humorous, manifestation of my love//hate relationship with myself. My work engages formal concerns of balance, color, texture and scale in combination with ubiquitous materials to create fragile and corporeal sculptures. Through asymmetrical balance, gestures of mending, and bricolage, I create fragile and vulnerable sculptures that exist in different states of degeneration.





Lauren Seiffert is a visual artist living and working in Portland, OR. She earned her BFA from the University of Oregon in Digital and Fine Arts, and her MFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art. Seiffert received the thesis award for strength and excellence in both her thesis exhibition and thesis oral defense. Seiffert was awarded both the David McCosh and Ida McClung memorial grants for emerging artists. She has been published through SFMOMA and is a founding member of FO(u)RT Collective based in Portland, OR. She currently teaches digital art at Oregon State University. Seiffert’s work has been exhibited both locally and nationally.