LSD Jewellery by Charlotte Burkhart

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In the country of New Zealand, a girl named Charlotte sits at her cluttered work bench, creating Unique, Dark and magical jewellery.

Twilight Gallery welcomes Charlotte Burkhart! Her work is darkly wonderful, with a little goth-whimsy thrown about. She's magical.....New pieces are in the gallery and on-line.

"When I was little I was always crafty. Making dresses out of tissues and cellotape for my barbies... Dying their hair, even making them fake nipples so they were more anatomically correct. When I was 10 I started making jewellery from Fimo, which I managed to do quite well with. The years went by and I graduated from fimo, to glass beads, to gemstones, then finally in 2009 I plucked up the courage to get in to metal smithing. That's when L.S.D. was born. I was finally able to channel my creativity in the right way and was able to make pieces of jewellery I adored! My work is inspired by fiction in movies, TV and books. I have always loved the escapism of pop culture and I try to bring it in to my work. Everything is hand made by me and made especially for you." She's a true doll.