WEIGHT by Kim Merritt Launch Party with special guest Twig and Snip!

DSC_0048 WEIGHT by Kim Merritt of Gritty Jewelry

It tugs at your waist, a shackle chained to the abyss. Gravity begets doom. Doom harkens disaster. You reach for rope, but grip only water. Hope abandons you, but the betrayal of reality shadows you eternally.

Dire stuff, but life churns this way for some many. Depression bears weight. It's heavy and itchy and leaves you riddle with scars. Sometimes you can only focus on all the death and disease, the fragility of living of living, the impossibility of survival. But you did survive, at least this far. That's a success.

WEIGHT, Kim Merritt's most personal collection to date will launch Thursday, May 12th during West Seattle Artwalk 6 to 9pm.

From the artist:

"I, like countless others, spent vast amounts of my limited time buried deep inside a dark and cold coffin with no apparent escape. And whenever I commit to one last deep breath a tiny glimmer lights a tunnel. It's a tight fit, but worth a try.

These creations started with a pendant I made and work through my darkest days. It absorbed metric tons of sadness, frustration, and ultimately, redemption. That piece reminds me of mountains of hurt. It's cold, silver back also indulges elations and calm. It knows pain, accepts it and responds with joy."

Blankets are for babies. Adult woe requires metal.

AMEN SISTER. https://www.instagram.com/grittyjewelry/

WEIGHT launch May 12th 6 to 9pm with special guest Twig and Snip featuring handmade garments and accessories for by local fashion designer Sara Breakfield.

About Twig and Snip:

Even in the city, Nature is all around us. We are never outside of it even though we may feel far removed from its touch. "Ever since I was little, one of my favorite things to do has been walking around outside looking at nature, daydreaming about it and interacting with it. I remember long hours spent in the backyard with my sister exploring, eating weeds, gathering flowers, playing elaborate games of pretend, and naming trees.

As I’ve grown older and studied botanical medicine as well as shamanism I find myself more and more drawn back to my indescribable love of nature and incorporating this green veil more deeply into every day. I bring back pieces of that vibrancy to treasure and I’m constantly gathering up interesting plants, seeds, shells, and feathers; anything that catches my eye and wants to come home. That is the beginning of every piece I create. I enjoy creating plant dyed garments with reclaimed fabric, and mixed media artwork with these found nature artifacts to create something truly magical for the viewer to behold.

I want these pieces to bring their strong and vibrant medicine of the Earth to the homes and people they grace to help others feel the pull of the green world that fills me with peace and wonder."

Truly local, these garments are handmade in Washington State. Each garment is made from reclaimed fabric and hand dyed using sustainably wildcrafted plants, fruits, flowers, leaves, and iron from around the Pacific Northwest Region.

"I strive to minimize my impact on the Earth as much as possible by using the least toxic mordants and working with my dye bathes as long as possible. Due to this process each piece is entirely unique." Sara Breakfield


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