Lisa Gerrard

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Lisa Gerrard


Lisa Gerrard

Lisa is a musician, singer and composer who is best known as as part of the music group Dead Can Dance. Since 1981, Gerrard has been involved in a wide range of projects including scoring film and television shows.

Her unmistakeable voice (singing in her own made- up language), pre-Raphaelite stylings, and use of a hammer dulcimer in pop music immediately caught my attention as a teen and has never let it go.

Velvet, glass, crystal

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[S]HEROES: Side B is the second installment of
Jordan Christianson's celebration of Women’s History Month
and the women who have musically inspired him, through wearable art. Each handbag is individually designed and handmade to invoke the spirit of these trailblazing women who have changed history and influenced Christianson. 

[S]Heroes: Side B also features the work of Mariel Andrade, whose evocative paintings and love for music has proven to be a perfect pairing with Christianson's handbags.

Jordan Christianson is a Pacific Northwest native and Couturier to its unique arts and performance community. His label Jonquil & Mr Black has been featured internationally in museums, galleries, hotels and on stage, page, and screen.